May 1, 2007

Lit by Chicks

Four Mexican Flowers

by Becky Liendo

Red cherry red,

Coke bottle green,

Ripe lemon yellow,

Bright, bright amethyst;

These were our Mexican dresses,

of fresh, new, cotton.

Elaborate embroidery,

scrolling down the length,

smooth, wide, flower petals-

coral flushes past a tangerine streak,

cerulean crashes against pure ivory,

heliotrope cools down turquoise.

Running through Spring,

Summer within reach-

wind slips past the threads,

the sun fades the pigments on our sleeves,

dirt collects at the hem, where I fell from a tree.

Out of material to mend,

our Mexican dresses,

of faded, old, cotton.

Becky Liendo was born and raised in Laredo, TX. She currently writes for and about her culture, family, and life (so far). She is a full time student, employee at Hobby Lobby, and trying-to-stay vegetarian/environmentalist.

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