May 1, 2007

"Sky 3"

Callie Meiners, photographer, says, “The photograph is from a series called ‘Puffy Cloud Machines.’”

Calloway (Callie) Meiners was raised in Texas and Montana and was fortunate enough to travel to other countries. She enjoys different cultures and lifestyles and appreciates the various tasks placed before her. She is passionate about travel and human interaction with the natural world, which is evident in her photography. In her free time she enjoys working with animals, traveling and activities such as biking, snowboarding, or just hiking in a new area.

After finishing her degree in Photography at Montana State University (Bozeman), Callie moved to New York. She works at a commercial studio and lives in West Harlem with her dog Leica. She enjoys photographing the city and discovering all the photo booths of the world.

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