July 1, 2007

Lit by Chicks

Catching Amour's Equal

by Jill M. O'Malley

Where's my Holden Caufield?

yes I'm asking

caustic and jaded brute

adoring his sister

always skipping town

his red ear-flapped cap

a disillusioned lout, a reject

a drunk

Oh Holden, together

we can walk through

smoky nights

holding hands over puddles

of urban jazz

you in tweed-me in chiffon

a packed nightclub

us pressed against the bar

breathing the music,

our foreplay

pulled into a taxi

you'd smother me with kisses

turn away and

not say a damn word

my lips still wet with gin

with you, my lanky counterpart

we'd find hours had passed

before we cared

from the confines outside

you'd be safe

inside with me

Jill M. O’Malley lives and works in Chicago. She loves words, yoga and all things DIY crafty. You can check out her writing, poetry and photography at http://www.xanga.com/jillom, and she can be reached via email.