July 1, 2007


"What You've Done in a Past Life Will Influence Your Present"

by Diana McManus

The old saying, “What you do will come back to haunt you,” certainly has come up in many conversations. However, most people associate this saying with things in the present life and not with a past life. What most people don’t realize is that this saying has more to do with a past life memory than with the present. This situation rings true for my oldest son and I, as we have had to account for situations going on in our present lives.

My oldest son has had a lot of legal issues in this life. He has not always followed the rules, which has resulted in his paying a lot of fines. What he doesn’t realize is that his failure to comply with rules results from a past life memory as a judge in France during the French Revolution, in which he was my father. As a judge, he imposed high fines on people for petty crimes and when people couldn’t pay, he would throw them in jail. His guilt for imposing his strict rules on the poor in that life and sending them to jail when they couldn’t pay is causing him to become a victim of the U.S. legal system in this life through disobedient behavior.

I have had a similar situation, though I follow rules and don’t have fines to pay. I have had trouble finding stable work since I was laid off several years ago from a big corporation. I was also let go from a trade school after working there for three years. I have been self-employed and work part-time, but I haven’t had any luck in getting the jobs I want . This situation comes from a past lifetime in which I was a drunken cowboy who shot buffalo with Buffalo Bill Cody around the late 1800’s. After I rode the range with Buffalo Bill, I settled down in a town in Wyoming and worked at a saloon as a bartender. I ended up winning a lot of money in a poker game and bought myself a ranch nearby. When I hired people to work on the ranch, I made them work long hours with little pay. Then I would fire them for petty reasons and hire others. I felt that people were indispensable and I didn’t value their work, so I am experiencing that feeling now with some of the companies I have worked for. When I interview for a job and someone else gets it, it brings back feelings from that past lifetime.

Both of these present day situations with my son and I involve money, but the past life situations don’t have to do with money as much as with people. So much of our karma is based on our relationships with people and we get ourselves into present situations out of guilt so that we can learn a good lesson from it all. It is up to us to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

Diana McManus lived in Houston, Texas during the first eighteen years of her life and then moved to California with a friend. She then traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, and Canada. Eventually she came to live in Austin, Texas, where she has lived for the past 24 years. She has two grown sons and had a personal tragedy several years ago which increased her interest in reincarnation. After reading a book titled “Many Lives Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, MD, Diana decided to seek a clinical psychologist who practiced past life therapy. Eventually she took a class from Dr. Coletta Long to become a certified hypnotist. She has been practicing past life therapy and hypnosis since 1994. During the past year, Diana has become inspired to write about her experiences with her clients, which has taught her a lot about the subconscious mind. She can be contacted via email and her website is at http://www.pastlifetherapy.org.