July 1, 2007

"Time in Love"

by Bella K.

Bella, the artist, says, "'Time In Love' came about from experimentation of some new brushes I acquired from DA and my views on love and the progression thereof in time. Love brings about many different emotions and through time, many different choices such as marriage and child baring. The music symbols in the piece represent the flow of love through time, the light hearted frolic of young love that grows into something more."

Bella K. is a Chicago land freelance photographer and artist. She grew up in Woodstock, briefly lived in Chicago, and now reside in Joliet. She started freelancing about two years ago and specializes in band photography, model ports, and events. Her canon 20D and CS2 are her tools of the trade, with added effect from DA. Her work can be found at DeviantArt and Myspace.