August 1, 2007


Out of the Mouths of Babes

by Ms. K.

As my class sat quietly doing their work, I watched one student from afar daze off without a care in the world, books and papers scattered about. When I approached him, I asked him what he was doing. No response. I looked at his round belly and his cute cheeks drooping down as he frowned, knowing he was in trouble. "Nicky, what are you doing?" I asked. No response.

"Are you doing what you're supposed to be doing?"
"No." Bigger frown.
"Are you reading?"
"No." His cheeks reach lower.
"Do you even listen when I talk and give instructions?"

Nicky doesn't even realize his mistake.

My first instinct was to laugh. I was looking at my most disobedient kid, ignoring my instructions, and yet all I wanted to do was laugh because he had no clue what was going on. Being a professional, I walked away and hid in a corner to hide my smile at his spunkiness. I don't want to encourage him but I also don't want him to lose that innocence, that lovability. Oh, and those cheeks too!