August 1, 2007

Fabulous Females

Ann Glotzbach is Associate Director for the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, which provides internships, mentoring, and enriched educational opportunities to promising New York City undergraduates. Ann is also the recipient of a Princeton Project 55 Fellowship for Civic Leadership and is a member of the New York area steering committee for their Public Interest Program. She recently completed a program for emerging public service leaders at New York University's Wagner School of Public Service.

In June 2005, Ann graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Princeton University. Her major area of academic study focused upon second-generation immigration, for which she was awarded the Center for Migration and Development Senior Thesis Prize. As an undergraduate, Ann was co-founder and president of the Princeton Redhead Society, coordinator of the Princeton Rock Climbing Program, treasurer of Pi Beta Phi sorority, and coordinator of the Ivy Club tutoring program for immigrants. Ann spent college summers attending the London School Economics and the University of Madrid, interning for Senator Blanche Lincoln, and working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in corporate development. Whenever possible, Ann returns to her hometowns of Memphis, Tennessee, and Little Rock, Arkansas, to renew her southern accent.