August 1, 2007


by Danielle Lamberti

Danielle is a painter and illustrator who resides in New York. She was raised in Brooklyn in a “typical” Italian household where she would draw even from a young age. She has worked on both commercial and fine art projects. She started out designing licensing products for Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. She began seriously thinking about fine arts during her internship at the Jonathan Levine Gallery located in Chelsea, NY. She assisted installing artworks for Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup and Camille Rose Garcia. Her art is now inspired from her all-girl Catholic school education, girls from the five boroughs of New York City, and bad behavior. Her characters have their own nationalities and races as well. She calls her characters “Bimba’s” or “Pupa’s” which means 'dolls.' Everything, from her palette to her characters, has meaning within each individual piece. She injects hidden messages into her characters through subtle icons, so they just don’t “look pretty.” Her work can be found at her website,