October 1, 2007

Lit by Chicks

The Willow Tree

by Amy George

Woman is a willow tree.

Her arms reach low

to help those in need.

She bends in the storm,

flexible during adversity.

Her roots of heritage

dig deeply in the earth

and from them, she thrives.

From them, she bears seed.

Her fingers are tender,

feather-veined leaves

that soothe and calm.

Should she be broken by force,

she births new life

from where she lies,

by strength and tenacity,

quiet arms still reaching out.

And she has the ability

to empathize with

the loneliest stranger,

comforting him in her

cool shadows,

weeping with him

when he mourns.

Amy George is a resident of South Carolina, currently working towards her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at National University, with an emphasis on Poetry. As an undergraduate student, she had a monthly column for her university newspaper. She plans to eventually teach creative writing at the undergraduate level. She sees her poetry as an extension of herself, much of it coming from personal experience. Her poetry has also been featured in the May 2007 issue of SHINE…THE JOURNAL. You can reach her via email.