November 1, 2007

Health & Beauty

Men Love Women Who Love Themselves

by K. Mehta

Time and again, women are constantly reminded by the media (which is essentially dominated by a small group of eccentric men who claim they know what all men want) that if you’re thin, slim, or trim then you are “in” and men will love you more. Although I can’t represent the universal viewpoint of an entire gender, as an average American guy, I’m categorically stating that such a view is BS. The real truth is that men love women who are confident about themselves, have a great sense of humor, and enjoy life without worrying about trivial matters like weight and portion control.

That’s not to say that health is unimportant. The average man likes a woman who takes care of her health and is reasonably fit. But we’re not asking women to be a size 0 or to have ribs showing beneath their skin or to abstain from food for the better part of their adult lives. The fact is that most men love women with curves because that is normal and that is what makes a woman physically attractive in the first place.

Look ladies, physical attraction is an important part to any relationship, but it is not the only factor in play. Personality is equally (if not more) important, and essentially, what men
really appreciate is a woman’s approach to life. We want to know if you are adventurous, outgoing, carefree, free spirited, open-minded, etc. To be very frank, men don’t like uptight women or women who restrict themselves. I’m not talking about sexual positions here; I’m talking about regular life. (This is not restricted to men only; women also do not like men with self-imposed restrictions.) Now someone might say that that we all have limits in order to avoid getting hurt, but my argument is that when you are in a relationship, all those restrictions and limits have to be reevaluated because you are opening your mind, body, and soul to another individual. You have to move from “me” to “us”. A relationship is built on communication, compromise, and trust. If you restrict or close off your communication, then your relationship will flounder.

All I’m saying is that men love women who love themselves for who they are. No, this is not a cut and paste from Oprah’s speech, this is simply an observation from an average American guy. Contrary to what the media portrays, the majority of men are not unreasonable. Just as women are attracted to confident and open-minded men, men are attracted to confident, open-minded women. Like I said, men are looking for a true friend who they can open up to and have a great time with. So eat up, be active, have fun, stay positive and have a great relationship!

K. Mehta is a self-proclaimed "average American guy" who recently obtained an M.A. in International Relations (specializing in Peace and Conflict Resolution). He is now out exploring the world.