November 1, 2007


by Ange Fitzgerald

Ange Fitzgerald grew up in & around Omaha, Nebraska, living briefly in New York City and spending several years in Seattle before landing in Dallas. She majored in English and minored in Art & (Film) Photography at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

She is mostly self-taught in the art of digital photography and got her start when a friend loaned her his camera on a road trip to Austin a few years ago.

In addition to photography, she works as a project manager for Siemens Corporation, is VP of the Goddess Squad (using their powers for good, not evil), CEO and Co-Founder of Team Sexy, part-time political activist, Sage Ryan’s Mom and Sam & Jack’s favorite Auntie.
She began to grasp the medium in which she felt her creativity was best expressed two years ago when she started taking her camera everywhere.

She has since upgraded from the Canon 20D to the 5D and has developed an enduring love affair with her 16-35mm wide angle lens.

In her pictures, she communicates her impressions of life, ordinary things,
favorite places, family and friends. Looking at lines, textures and colors through a lens is how she follows her bliss and it is her hope that you will perhaps find meaning, humor, beauty and charm represented in her photos.

For her first show at the Magnolia Gallery in April of this year she selected her best-loved portraits taken on the streets of New York, and of family and friends in Nebraska and Texas.
Ange is planning a second exhibit of her work featuring objects and scenes shot in New York and Dallas and she is looking forward to traveling abroad and shooting Europe next year. Her daughter, her dog, family, friends, supporting live local music, spending quality time with her pet carrier pigeon and most trusted confidante, Frank, the city of Manhattan and the shooting and editing process that goes into creating her images are her primary passions... ...and shoe-shopping.

* * *

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