January 1, 2008

Fabulous Females

Heidi Martinuzzi (www.heidimartinuzzi.com) is the owner of www.pretty-scary.net, a website devoted to women in the horror film and literature industries. She's also a recognized film critic and journalist in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. Heidi is a strong advocate of women working behind the scenes in films, and she directs documentaries for the organization Movies by Women. She also sponsors an award for women filmmakers at the Los Angeles Shriekfest Film Festival.

Heidi is currently working on a book on female horror film directors, and hopes she will be finished with it before she dies. She recently wrote and co-directed a short film about bulimia called 'Wretched.' She loves the color pink and unicorns, and even more so, pink unicorns.