January 1, 2008

Lit by Chicks

Women Who Eat

by Kristen McHenry

It's rumored there are women
who cook ferociously
and eat freely
while lolling on divans
and lapping up sauces.
I imagine their eyes in these moments,
dark with invitation and defiance,
as though they know something that I don't know
about how to have power.
It frightens me
to think of these eating women,
feeding themselves without apology
like it were nothing for a women to satisfy herself.
I wasn't taught that way. I was raised you put others first.

Yet I wish they would invite me in
just once, and give me some lolling space on the divan,
and a huge, rich bite of casserole.

Kristen McHenry is a resident of Seattle, Washington and is a poet by night and cardiovascular health outreach lady by day. Her work has been published in Wanderings, FreeStyle Vision, and other publications. She loves to sing, but only alone in the car with all the windows rolled up. You can reach Kristen via e-mail.