January 1, 2008

Lit by Chicks

Mason Jars & How Women Can Relate

by Melinda Blount

Woman is a jar; those canning ones
with the raised block
letters and two part lid,
the lids that came with a sealing ring
that little girls slipped
over wrists in a fool's gold bracelet.
Pressure sealed against time; gasp
of air as you twist, release her
from the cramped and into the freedom
of a stretch, a sigh.

She has been stored away for too long,
lost among junk collected
without the thought of collection.
Screams into her mouth, into the echo
of how many times she's been forgotten,
silent as she has been all these years, since;
tap against her and you can feel
the hollow through fingertips, the ring
of her entirety caught in the web-
splay of your hand and each time
you've touched her is a time after
she learned what it is meant to be captive.

Melinda is a writer and mom living in Ohio. Her work has been featured both in print and online, most recently in Thick With Conviction and Literary Tonic and upcoming in 'remark', Bylines and Conceit Magazine. She is an avid fan of Captain Jack Sparrow and, as a matter of fact, looks a little like Johnny Depp from the nose up, which is ok 'cause he's sooooo pretty. Melinda can be reached via MySpace.