January 1, 2008

The Reader (detail)

by Jennifer Zwick

The artist says, "My constructed-narrative photographs are nonlinear short stories. They focus on bizarrely adventurous young girls populating beautiful but uneasy worlds. To create these images, I draw from childhood fantasies and memories, then construct life-sized environments. By pushing these scenarios to an extreme conclusion, the girls become metaphors for our hyper-real childhood selves, where remembered emotions become stronger through time. In this particular image, a young girl sits dwarfed by stacks of books that rise in tandem with the surrounding trees. The books are bound in bright colors which glow in hues of candy, disparate from their subject matter: Concrete in Transportation, Patriotism Limited: 1862-1865; all will eventually be absorbed. Hints of future learning, further back in her stacks, show less academic lessons: To Be A VICTIM hovers behind her, in the midst of math and science and philosophy."

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and raised in a small American town a few hours from the border, Jennifer Zwick now lives and works in Seattle, Washington. While attending the University of Washington, she started out double-majoring in both Photography and Creative Writing – Short Story, before realizing that she could use photos to merge the two. You can find more of her work at her website, JenniferZwick.com.