January 1, 2008

Singing Stream

by Cathie Bleck

The artist says, "When I was a girl, I fell in love with darkness. The tools I work with--pen, ink and clayboard--became natural choices for someone drawn to observe and record the world in close detail, and to best orchestrate the balance between opposing forces: light, dark; intimate, huge; static, moving. I am also drawn to my medium's affinity with wood engraving, which evokes references to former artistic traditions and styles. My imagery is thus layered with this synthesis of contrasts both personal and historic."

Cathie Bleck, an artist whose medium of choice is scratchboard, describes herself as a “spiritually minded” and sometimes “surrealist” artist. Bleck produces art which contemplates past and present stories dealing with the human condition. She has received numerous national awards for her work, most notably a gold medal from the Museum of American Illustration at The Society of Illustrators in New York City. Seven of her eight siblings, as well as her parents, are artists and designers. She was raised in rural Illinois on her grandparents' tree nursery and within this setting, she developed a fascination with the sinuous forms in nature, which are reflected in her multi-dimensional form of storytelling.

Throughout her career, numerous international commissions underline the importance of Bleck’s work. Some of these include stamps for the U. S. Postal Service, Sony Records, Warner Brother Records, Rockefeller Foundation, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, The Carter Center, Random House, Fararr, Straus, and Giroux, The New York Times, Washington Post, Nestle, Habitat for Humanity, U.S. State Dept. Earth Day Poster and recently “Dante’s Divine Comedy” book cover for Barnes and Noble.

Bleck has exhibited in several galleries internationally and her work is in the collection of The Butler Institute of American Art and the Library of Congress as well as many private and public collections.

A definitive art collection of her work from a book entitled, “Open Spaces” was published in 2006. Two upcoming museum solo exhibitions of her work will be held in 2008: The New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut from February 8th through April 27th, with a reception and book signing on February 24th and at The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio: September 14th through October 26th.

You can find more of Cathie's work at her website,
CathieBleck.com, as well as at Drawger.com.