April 1, 2008


by Kate Payne

The artist tells us that this portrait is 16X20 oil on masonite. Under the direction of Austin painter David Ohlerking, Kate is learning about color and brush strokes. Poet-turned-paint training is going well because color parallels word choice and brush strokes are similar to sentences with different components of varying importance. Kate's first paintings debuted in February 2008; this is her third attempt at painting.

Kate Payne's poetry has been featured on NPR by Garrison Keillor. Austin lured Kate from Tucson, Arizona where she earned her B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology. Interested in mixing media and mediums, she collects anything that seems handy or old. Her recent hobbies include painting self-portraits, avoiding housework diligently, and staring at her vegetable garden. Look for Kate's forthcoming poetry in "The Arms of Progress 2008 AD: analog dialogue", a series of photograph and poem diptychs opening at Progress Coffee on Sat. June 7, 2008.