June 1, 2008


by Karen Preston

The artist says, "This piece just came out of things I have read and things I have seen. Ideas and pictures form in my head. That’s how most of my art comes together.

I have always felt that art is magic. There is such an excitement that comes with creating something from nothing. One moment you have a blank space, and the next, there's a new world in front of you. When I finish a piece that I like, it's an incredible high. I can't sleep the night I finish a piece.

It takes between a week and forever to complete a piece. Some come easily, while others take much longer. Like many artists, I feel the ones that come easy are sent to me from somewhere else. Wherever that is, I am grateful for the glimpse inside."

You can find more of Karen Preston's work at her Etsy shop, and she can be reached via e-mail.