June 1, 2008

"In the Woods"

by CJ Metzger

The artist says, "'In the Woods' is an acrylic painting on wood with mixed media elements (vintage collaged papers). It is one of many portraits I’ve been creating that feature women among nature surrounded by various animals and landscapes. I am very interested in exploring human beings and their relationship with their natural environments, creating characters that subtly reveal their own unique stories, and allowing the viewer to interpret them however it moves them."

CJ Metzger paints in acrylics and collage, blending narrative, surreal and whimsical imagery. Her work is increasingly influenced by her 5-year old daughter, fairy tales, and her observations of relationships between humans, nature & the environment.

The daughter and granddaughter of artists, CJ began creating art out of an uncontrollable need to communicate this innate visual energy. In doing so she found that people adored the character-based, folk art inspired pieces and found them unique and endearing. CJ’s career continues to thrive in multiple directions including exhibiting in numerous solo and group shows, collaborating with her artist sister Miss Mindy, designing vinyl toys, and writing & illustrating her own children’s book. You can find more of her work at her website, and she can be contacted via e-mail.