July 1, 2008

Interview with a Fabulous Female

Anita Revel is a self-described "creatrix, author, mother and wife, web diva, dream weaver, lover of life." She is the author of several books and the woman behind Goddess.com.au, a website that helps today's woman connect with her inner goddess. Anita was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule to answer a few of Della Donna editor April Boland's questions.

AB: What sparked your initial interest in goddesses?

AR: The idea of visualizing a woman via the myths of the goddesses appeals to me. The fact that an ancient goddess has been through the highs and lows of the emotional spectrum makes me feel better about myself as a woman. After all, if a goddess can have an "off day," then it must be alright for a mere mortal to have one too, right?

I first became aware of goddess archetypes in a boardroom meeting about 12 years ago. I was being all corporate and so forth (that is, masking my true Self), when one of the girls from the ad agency referred to a colleague as "a real Persephone." I asked her what that meant and she described a personality based on the myth of Persephone - the maiden who was kidnapped to the Underworld. Her interpretation of the myth was that my colleague was a "professional victim," though I now prefer to describe someone with a Persephone personality as someone who is empowered in both the light and shadow sides of her persona. Using the goddess myths as a way of understanding women's motivations, intrinsic morals and natural behaviors just makes sense to me.

AB: What led you to create the website Goddess.com.au?

The more I looked into the goddess myths, the more parallels I found between them and modern women. I began recording my theories online, initially using Goddess.com.au as a repository for my musings (there weren't any blogs back then, so Goddess.com.au was my journaling place)! It wasn't until 2004 when the Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil blends came into existence that I overhauled the site and made it more meaningful, content-rich, and above all, fun.

AB: Why do you think it is important for modern women to "reconnect with their inner goddesses"?

We're not the first generation to be loaded with stress. In fact, compared with our ancestors I'd say we're the luckiest generation of women to date. We have the freedom to believe in what is right for us, the room to flex our empowerment and unprecedented avenues for expressing emotions on all levels. The key to doing all of these things with dignity and style lies within having a meaningful and rich relationship with Self. It's this healthy and balanced relationship with Self that I call being connected with one's Inner Goddess. When we're connected with the beautiful, inspired, intuitive, sassy and sacred being we were born to be, life is absolutely wonderful.

AB: What first step would you recommend for a woman who has never thought about such things before?

Take the Goddess Birth Sign test and then read a bit more about your birth goddess, research her mythology and her symbolism, and spend some time journaling to find a connection between her energies and your life. Use her as a role model as you come up against certain stresses or situations, asking yourself, "What would goddess do?" You'll be surprised at how this simple little exercise helps you rally your personal power to make the right choices for you.

AB: Is there one particular goddess who guides you?

I resonate with Kwan Yin on a very deep and personal level. I was raised in a house where fear and control ruled rather than love and compassion, so when I "met" Kwan Yin and her gifts of unconditional, unquestioning, undying love and compassion, I was hooked. I willingly and easily fell into her loving embrace, and she's the one whose energies I recall when I'm in need of an esoteric cuddle. Thinking of Kwan Yin as a role model has really softened me and helped me open up to meaningful connections with others.

AB: What is the most interesting thing that has happened as a result of your journey (with the website, the tour, etc.)?

I don't have "most" interesting thing - every experience that reveals itself to me on this journey, whether painful or exhilarating, has been wonderful. I've learned a lot, and now know to trust that everything is perfect in my life. "Everything happens at the perfect time for the perfect reason" is my mantra when I encounter a blockage, and "gratitude" is my mantra at every other time. I've never been so happy!