July 1, 2008

Lit by Chicks

The Air Beneath

by Megan Sebestyen

I say goodbye to the ground
As I fall from the heavy connection
Of gravity pulling me down.
I fall up, free from weight of worry.
Seeing the responsibilities of time's restraints
Slide from my form,
I wriggle my toes
In the free air.
I care not for the Earth
From such a great height.
I swallow in great gulps of this sweetness.
For do you realize I must go?
Soon, this free moment will fall from under my feet,
Sucked back down by gravity's firm fist.
I will be forced to depart, down,
To the lowly ground.

Megan Sebestyen is a student at The University of La Verne in Southern California, pursuing a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Having always loved to write, she aspires to work on a magazine staff. Her work has appeared in The Durango Herald, The El Diablo, and Escape Artist Travel Magazine.