July 1, 2008

Lit by Chicks

Spring in January

by Nirvan Hope

On a winter afternoon
a rhododendron in full flower,
cherry trees along my road
shower petal blossoms
long before their blooming time.

Every living thing
pushes out of control,
a hurtling trajectory
into chaos.
Human doing?

Or was this planned
before we crawled
from mud and muck,
mere pawns
in a transition time,

tools, slaves of a mineral world?
A world that longs
to end oppression
by all pulsing green
and growing life.

We do not know
the language of mineral.

Even if that was
the original plan,
can we emerge
as pacifier
of mineral force,

protector of
the world of green,
through a balancing
of superb proportion
where all will win

and rhododendron and cherry trees
will learn to bloom again in Spring?

Nirvan Hope is the author of the forthcoming book “Three Seasons of Bees and Other Natural and Unnatural Things.” She writes and takes photographs in the Pacific Northwest and is currently working on a memoir set in England and Northern Nigeria. Her work has appeared in regional, national and international publications. You can find her photographer at her website, Earth Rhythms Photography.