October 22, 2008

Letter from the Editor

Now that we are back, I confess that I have a bit of explaining to do. I told you that I was changing the magazine's publication schedule from monthly to quarterly without much of an explanation of why. The astute among you have probably already realized that one woman maintaining a monthly magazine in addition to full-time work, freelance work, personal writing and a social life that she likes to consider somewhat active, is a bad idea. Unfortunately, it has taken me over a year to come to the same conclusion :) What can I say? I love Della Donna. I love reading and experiencing your work, I love sharing it with others who might not have seen it otherwise, and I love feeling that at the end of the day, my efforts have given women a leg up in sharing their thoughts, opinions and deepest feelings with whoever will listen.

For that reason, I will continue to do so, just on a new schedule. I know that all of you - especially the Wonder Woman of the modern world, with your jobs, your families, your responsibilities and your dreams - will understand.

That being said, here is the Fall Issue. Don't let the Table of Contents fool you - it is a long one. This is because of a great short story that was brought to my attention. It is much longer than our typical stories, but I thought that you would enjoy "Nightly Reading," especially just before Halloween. In addition, there are some dark works of art, a poem based on a work of literature and an article about how knitting can be viewed as a feminist act. Enjoy!

- April