February 1, 2009

Intimately Oppressed

by Jeaneen Carlino

The artist says, "This piece is a response to an underlying fascination I have with the industrial city and the dynamic shapes that it inhabits. At the time of this creation, I was especially attracted to the power lines that run throughout the highways surrounding Los Angeles. Fusing this visual together with my adoration of the female subject, along with my obsession of layered imagery, I produced this mixed media collage on paper. It was made with graphite, colored pencils, acrylic inks and postal envelope scraps that I collect."

Jeaneen Carlino is a Los Angeles based artist who graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2007. Her artwork effortlessly harmonizes fantastical daydreams conjured through personal experiences intriguing to her. The female figure is an integral re-occurring subject in her work. These women deeply resonate with their audience via their strong enigmatic yet simultaneously serene attributes, which challenge the mind through their inner and ideal beauty. Jeaneen attempts to present an environment that will visually stimulate and excite the viewer through her self expression and love for bringing beautiful imagery to life. She is also inspired by Mexican motifs, traditional Indian and African art, mosaic textiles, geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Her work is influenced by the juxtaposition of natural images occurring within the urban landscape. She also enjoys creating stencils and incorporating them into her work, along with collaging scraps ranging from incense packaging to trash that she collects at random.

You can find more of Jeaneen's work at her website, JeaneenCarlino.com.