September 7, 2009

Lit by Chicks

The New Age

by Stacy Lynn Mar

The ladies dorm in 2003
Underwent quite an enlightening,
Pretty girls in chic pink,
Fancy in their posh jeans,
Would loiter the campus café,
Cigarettes dripping ash,
Quick to their clean cars
After class, never remembering
Equations of college algebra,
Reminiscing the store-racks
At Goodies and the discounts at Macy's,
Scruples for designer everything.

Then there were the girls like me,
Fast to jump the quickest cab,
Left side of the street, bookstore please.
Suburban emblems of the great mind
Hidden behind a silk curtain veil
Of hair, mouse brown, blue eyes.
We were the dream machines of fine poetry,
Literati growing beneath our fingernails,
The eccentrics of the hallway,
Up-scaled editions of the new English Lit,
Writing lab tutor, literary critic,
Dreaming, reading, editing, believing.

We painted the pink of their lips,
Phantoms beneath the bookcase,
The modern Van Goghs and Mozarts
Swimming a campus of ‘plain Jane,’
Swatting the lone stare of lust
Like a fly, we needn’t an elbow
Of guidance to the aisle of doom,
To the sacrificial embrace of matrimony.
We were the Anne Sextons of society,
The spinning orbit of feminism meets
The call of a new-age campus democracy.

We were more than storefronts
And modern mannequins on display,
Glitzy girls in pearl earrings,
The epitome of easy, a good time, perchance.
Rather, we were pizza boxes and late nights,
The breath of life in café mundane,
We were the modern day feminist lib,
An applause, tip of the martini glass
To all the unheard voices of the xx sex,
Poetry readings at afternoon brunch,
Backstage drama after the play,
Arms linking a wall against the mainstream,
Uninhibited, undaunted, brave, unshaken
Against the un-intellectually-bred dawning
Of our often un-modern civilization.

Stacy Lynn Mar is a twenty-something graduate school student who writes confessional and feminist poetry. She has been published in e-zines and journals across the web, including All Things Girl, Mastodon Dentist, and The Beat, to name a few. She has one book in publication, Anonymous Confessions, and currently has two more books in the production process, one of which will be published from JTT Publishing and the other from Leaf Garden Press. Stacy is also the editor-in-chief of the online magazine Muse Cafe Quarterly. You can visit Stacy and submit your work to her at her website, She can also be reached via e-mail.