April 1, 2010

Peter Red and the Wolf

by Chelsea Greene Lewyta

The artist says, "This drawing is part of a triptych series based on the coming of age stories of Red Riding Hood and Peter and the Wolf. This section features an older Red and the cat from Peter's story. This is the moment their eyes meet Peter's in the first panel (which is being reworked). I'm aiming for a quiet fear, shock, and uncertainty as she's lowering the instrument and the cat is hissing (cats being an erotic symbol). All three pieces are full of foliage, meant to give a hidden, shifting feeling—unsure sexuality, emotions, fears. I use characters from fairy tales that people viewing my work can identify. They are clues. I think about the placement and meaning of everything in my work, and I like to ask the viewer questions. The pieces can be interpreted in many different ways."

Chelsea Greene Lewyta is a freelance illustrator living in New York City. She has participated in gallery shows and exhibitions internationally. Chelsea recently graduated from The Pratt Institute in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design, Emphasis in Illustration. While at Pratt she also studied oil painting, silk screening, lithography, paper and book making. You can find more of her work at her website.