April 1, 2010


by Ali Cavanaugh

The artist says, “This work emerged from a painting series of little hands and feet. A two year old girl was the model for this set. She was at my house one day and needed help washing her hands. As I lifted her up and scrubbed her two hands together under the running water, I was drawn into the tinyness of her fingers in my hands. Most toddlers have chubby hands, but this one had skinny little fingers which made them extra special. I glanced at her feet and found the same sweetness. Most of my work portrays an exploration into the depth of contemplation and the mystery of the unseen in human existence, but every once in a while I like to take a break from the heavy emotions that I find in the older female model and work with the lighthearted energy of younger children and animals."

Ali Cavanaugh was born in St. Louis in 1973 and has worked as a professional artist for 15 years. Her compositions are strong and intuitive, thanks not only to being a wife and mother but also to the variations in her experience—such as hearing loss—that made her adapt to and recreate the world around her.

Cavanaugh was awarded the prestigious Presidential Scholarship from the David Wolcott Kendall Foundation, allowing her to study at Parsons School of Design in New York City and Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1996, she co-founded the New School Academy of Fine Art in Grand Rapids.

Cavanaugh has had solo and group exhibitions in more than 40 galleries, and her art has been featured in publications such as American Artist Watercolor, Watercolor Artist, Southwest Art magazine, Art Calendar magazine, International Artist Magazine, and The Daniel Smith Art Supply Catalogue. Cavanaugh can be reached via e-mail and you can find more of her work at her website.