July 1, 2010

Lit by Chicks


by Dorla Moorhouse

For you, I will
     learn once again to
     love my body
     the way I instinctively
     love the mole on your
     back and your universe
     of freckles and freckle-toasted skin

By now I've collected
     an album of images
     capturing my reflection
     as each relevant
     person sees it.

But inevitably, these pictures
     fade and I forget
     and the panic returns.

And so again begins the work
     of finding someone reliable
     and loading the camera
     and crawling into your skull
     and positioning the lens perfectly
     behind your eyes
     and remembering how
     to see myself.

Dorla Moorehouse is a writer and dancer living in Austin, Texas. She primarily writes feminist-oriented erotica, and her stories have appeared at Black Heart Magazine,Oysters and Chocolate, Mainstream Erotica, Pink Flamingo, Sliptongue, and For the Girls, with work forthcoming at The Erotic Woman. In addition, she serves as the poetry editor of Gloom Cupboard. You can find more of her work at her blog, Lusty Literati.