December 1, 2010

"The Fox Fur"
by Alison Cherry

The artist says, "Created primarily using oil paint and pastels, mywork is an amalgamation of the more formal and direct qualities used in traditional portraiture and the bold, sexualized themes often found in contemporary fashion photography. The fusion of these styles allows mywork to convey a feeling that is both classic and modern, while my use of underlying narratives add depth and a more progressive approach to each piece.

My most recent work focuses on personal themes of passion, desire and strength. These paintings are dynamic studies of the beauty and the frivolity of physical ornamentation, which serve as a contrast to my more intimate and powerful depictions of the nude figure."

Alison Cherry is a Toronto-based artist who specializes in figurative painting and portraiture. Born and raised in London, ON, she studied studio art and art history at H.B. Beal's BealArt vocational school before going on to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, ON. After receiving her degree she dabbled in the world of design, but found that painting remained her true passion. She has since been pursuing her painting and illustration practice, showing in small galleries and group exhibits, and producing commissions for private collections.

Alison currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. You can find more of her work
at her website, and she can be reached via e-mail.